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Cascada de Flores

Recommended for Grades: K - 7
APRIL 17 – 21, 2017
10:15 AM & 12 Noon

Great for ages 5 and up
7:30 PM

All shows in the Discovery Theatre

The Tree & The Donkey Who Loved to Sing is a bilingual and participatory story exploding with the song, ancient musical instruments, poly-rhythms and sweet characters of Mexican music and dance. Through improvisation, the story explores Mexico’s diverse cultures and examines life and death in nature. In this lively performance, children and their families are invited to sing and play with the beautiful traditional songs and dances of Mexico.

“A exceptional show. The lively dancing, singing and bilingual storytelling delighted everyone in attendance, from the very youngest children to seniors.”—Teresa Capasso, Larkspur Library, Larkspur, CA

Cascada de Flores specializes in achingly beautiful songs from Latin America’s golden age, including bolero to fill your heart to bursting, rancheras to break it, and guarachas to make you want to dance. Your ears will be filled with the alluring voice of Arwen, the delicate playing of guitar and vocals by Jorge, accompanied by the strings of the bass and violin. Cascada de Flores offers an evening of song, zapateado (foot stomping) and nostalgia, spiced with a bit of creative Mexican humor. 

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Check out the amazing artistry and music!

Cascada de Flores





Download Cascada de Flores Study Guide by clicking here starting August.


Additional support by the Alaska State Council for the Arts, the Atwood Foundation, the Municipality of Anchorage, the Rasmuson Foundation and WESTAF.


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